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About Us

Brokertank.com is dedicated to serving the online trading community.

It is our belief that the world of forex trading is both dynamic and evolving. Like the industry itself, we believe that traders are also growing and evolving. By putting our heads together we strive to improve our collective knowledge and insight and hopefully improve transparency in the highly competitive forex world.

Brokertank has been carefully designed to be intelligent and insightful while giving everyone a voice.

As well, it is our strict policy to maintain complete non-preferential treatment in our rating system and our business practices. Our advertising department generates revenue by selling broker listings and ad space on equal terms to all forex brokers, but has no influence on any other content on the website.

If you are a forex advertiser interested in placing advertisements on Brokertank.com please send us a brief message including your contact information.

All other enquiries and comments may be made in the public forums.

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