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Top 10 Brokers

Our broker ratings are based on our proprietary scoring system and are for informational purposes only.

All scores are relative in comparison to other brokers rather than an absolute standard. This means that the top scorer in any one category is not a perfect broker, but rather, has scored better than all their competitors in that particular area. The index scores are not linear in nature, meaning that someone with a score of 4 is not necessarily twice as good as someone with a score of 2. All indexes have numerous components which are scored on a relative basis in comparison to other brokers. When completed, all the components within an index or sub-index are added up to get the score. Please see our Terms of Use.

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Rank BROKER Total Index Score Safety of Funds Public Opinion Functionality Versatility Costs Technology Resources / Extras Ease of Use Restrictions
2IG Markets79.474.163.554.434.704.024.242.533.304.02
4Interactive Brokers76.414.724.254.003.813.664.221.352.903.43
6CMC Markets75.754.002.454.774.854.661.803.144.163.23
8ACM / Swissquote74.584.324.504.134.202.324.501.872.573.96
10Saxo Bank72.623.563.504.634.402.853.352.383.374.53

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